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A funeral is often given to honor the person who has passed on. The funeral is also for emotional support for the family of the lost loved one. The planning process of the funeral helps with the grieving process. This gives the family some time to accept and grieve for the loved one. During this time support for the family from friends is expressed with brining meals or just being there when they are alone. People grieve different ways so here are few rules that should be followed when dealing with a death close to someone you care about.

Expressing your sympathy or condolences to the family should be done in a brief statement unless the family member asked to speak with you about it. A simple “I am sorry for your loss” or “I’m sorry” is fine unless you knew the family very well. If this is the case you may say something like “James will be missed very much” or “He was a good friend.”

When attending the funeral you should dress modestly in dull colors though day it is becoming more common for bright colors. Before you dress you need to take into consideration how the family is feeling. If this was a tragic death, you will not want to wear a bright yellow suit. Viewing the body should be done in a respectful quiet manner. Whether it is during the funeral or calling hours you must think of the family and how they are feeling.

Thank you notes should be sent to anyone who sent gifts such as flowers, brought meals, or helped in any other way. A thank you card with a signature is all that is required though many still send personal thank you notes. Pallbearers should each be sent a thank you note. It is not required to send everyone who attend during the calling hours a note.

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