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Ashley was born in the small town of Springfield, Ohio on February 2, 1980 to David, a teacher, and his wife, Amanda. Ashley was their only child.

She grew up in Catawba, Ohio and spent her childhood in the small town. Growing up, she loved to cheer, and made the team every year. She also enjoyed gymnastics and dance classes. Ashley also loved to ride horses, and went to summer camp every year with her friends.

When the time came for Ashley to go to college, she moved a few hours away to attend a University in Columbus, Ohio, majoring in Psychology. Ashley excelled in her academics, finishing her Bachelorís Degree far ahead of schedule. She was a driven individual, highly motivated and energetic. She continued to cheer throughout college. Many of her classmates knew Ashley for being fun, energetic and very spirited. Ashley was one of those people that you didnít forget once you had met her.

No one could seem to match her motivation, or her determination for success. She never let anything hold her back, regardless of what it was. She always told me that was part of the reason that she was attracted to David, her husband. She said that he was the only person she had ever met who was as determined as she was.

After Ashley and David married and started a family, Ashley was content being a stay at home mother. She loved to wake up with the baby every morning. She told me of how her mother was able to stay at home until she was older, and how wonderful her childhood was because of that. Her dream was to do that for their son, and she was able to as long as she was alive.

Itís a tragedy that Ashley was taken so soon, and my heart goes out to her family, as well as her son and her husband. A fund to support victims of drunk driving accidents has been opened in Ashleyís name by the family for anyone that is interested. A dinner will be held after the service, and is open to all who wish to attend. Thank you.

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