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My grandpa was a very fun man to be around. He was always making silly faces or telling funny jokes. His jokes were a little corny, but they were still hilarious to us when we were kids. He would dance with us, and Ill never forget the time that we were learning the hoki poki in music class. I came home from school and instantly began to teach my grandpa, who jumped right in and began to do it with me.

Speaking of the hoki poki, there was this one joke he told me that is somewhat fitting for today. It is about a funeral, and a bit corny, but I loved it so I am sure you will too.

So, Im sure you all heard of John Hoki, the inventor of the Hoki Poki. While Johns life is well known, whats not so well known, is a story that happened at his funeral in the late 1940s. Being that John was quite a popular fella, mostly due to the Hoki Poki, which spread like wildfire through his small Middle Eastern town, thousands showed up for his funeral, all coming to bid him farewell. Well, it happened right before the ceremony was about to begin, when the undertaker gently lifted John up to place him in the coffin. The problem that arose was that as soon as they put his right foot in.(Im sure you can figure out the rest.)

Yeah, I know, that was a little bit corny, but that was my grandpa. The funny thing about that joke is that I told it to the funeral director before the service when he asked me if I needed any help with the eulogy. Instead of laughing about it like you guys did, his eyes got a little wider and he looked a little bit surprised. It kind of makes you wonder what happened when they put his right foot into the casket.

On a more serious note, though, everyone here knew and loved my grandpa. He was a kind man, with a warm smile and gentle eyes. He had a heart of gold, and gave the best hugs. He will forever be missed, but he will always live on in our hearts. Thank you.

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