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Jennifer, we used to call her “Jenny” or simply “Jenn”. She was a sister, friend, and a warrior in and out.

At the beginning of Jennifer’s life, mom used to call her the miracle baby. Jennifer was born when mom was in her weakest emotional and health condition. Mom never thought that God would give Jennifer a wonderful life ahead.

Jenn was a tall gal she stood at least 5’11 in height, skinny and long-haired. Jenn’s unique physical feature was her warts on her left ear and a big mole on her right hand middle finger.

I only have limited memories about Jenn. We never got the chance to be so close due to unexpected occurrences in our family life. I could only remember we used to have the same birth date and the worst enemies as sisters rivalry.

Jennifer was the most affected member of the family when our parents got separated. Jennifer wanted to go with mom but faith did not permit. Jennifer managed her to be strong and to be at her best. Jenny promised mom that someday she would make a way to bond our family as one.

We grew up with separate lives. We seldom saw each other. All I knew Jennifer was an honor student and had devoted her time serving the Lord. In the family I can say that Jennifer had the strongest faith in the Lord.

Jennifer liked writing poems and reading inspirational and pocket books. Jennifer has this wide collection of Archie’s comic books. She even asked Auntie Rosa who was in New Jersey to send her copies of latest Archie’s and Sabrina comic books. Jennifer was also into R&B music. Jennifer liked to listen to Mariah Carey because Jennifer was so fascinated with Mariah’s voice. Jennifer also liked to collect pictures, all kinds of pictures. Jennifer preferred staying at home rather than going out with friends. Jennifer liked cooking and her yaya said that Jennifer was a good cook.

Jennifer was a serious gal who brightened our lives with her smile and grace.

At the peak of Jennifer’s young and simple life, no one thought that her life will end in a tragic way. We thought that Jennifer would be a successful career-woman and would have a family of her own to grow old with.

Jennifer gave her last breath for everyone eyes to be open. Jennifer touched thousands of people to fight injustice and crime. It was hard to accept that someone’s life must be taken in order to demand government action for peace and security of the country.

Jennifer’s prayers worked in a miraculous way. I know she wasn’t prepared for this and our family as well. God has His own special plan for her life. We may not understand it but that’s how life works. Life was full of mysteries.

Today, we are gathered here for funeral and protest-march on behalf of Jennifer and other kidnapped victims. “After Jennifer, who's next”, we want everyone to know that enough is enough. We thank to everyone who has attended on Jennifer's memory.

We are confident that Jennifer is now with our creator. She will be in our heart forever. I thank you Sister Jennifer that I became part of your life's journey. We will always be proud of you.

Jenn’s favorite quote “In God everything is possible”.
Jenn was mommy’s girl.
Jenn was big sister’s favorite.
Jenn was big brother’s baby girl.
Jenn is our guardian angel.
May God Bless you all and give you comfort.
We love you.

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