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As I sat there trying to write this, I stumbled over my words quite a bit. I re-wrote this eulogy time after time. I scoured the internet looking at examples. I thought about all of the things that my mother loved to do, and the type of person she was. Everything seemed to sound so cheesy though.

That was one thing about my mother. She seemed to be able to work through anything. She could write a resume and make it sound amazing, even if it was only the first draft. She was full of tact and class. She knew more about social etiquette and how to make things sound tasteful than most people will learn in their entire lives. That was one thing I loved about my mom. She had the class of a wealthy person with the heart of a poor man that would give you the shirt off of his back.

She was always there to lend a helping hand, whether you needed a place to stay or a few dollars until pay day. Even when she couldn’t do much, she still did whatever she could. Years ago, when I did not have a car, she would drive two hours to where I lived. All of that to simply take me to run errands so that I did not have to walk in the cold. She did it every week. No matter what happened with her children, we always knew that as long as she had a place to live, so did we. That was the type of mother and person that she was.

Another thing I loved about my mom was her love for life. She always loved to meet new people and try new things. It seemed like every time I saw her she was looking into a new place to see, and then saving up for a vacation. Everywhere my mother went, she made a new friend. She never knew a stranger. It was as though as soon as she walked into a room, the entire room would liven up.

She was beautiful, both inside and out. From her long blonde hair to her angelic personality. She was an angel on earth, and now she is an angel in heaven. May she rest in peace.

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