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If you are asked to write a memorial speech, rest easy knowing that while you have been tasked with a very important function, you donít have to be a perfectionist to write an excellent memorial.

A memorial speech is more about helping provide family members and loved ones with closure than it is about perfect speech writing. Most memorial speeches only last for a few minutes. Granted there are some people that could talk for hours, but this will only prolong the agony of the family members and loved ones that have come to pay their respects.

If you truly want to write a good memorial speech, here are some tips that will help you create a speech that will leave a positive impression in the minds of friends and loved ones.

Research Important Life Events and Memories

If you know the family member or loved one well, then you probably have your own collection of memories you can pull from to write a good speech. However, it always pays off to talk with other family members to gather important stories or recollections about the deceased. See if you can find some old videos, journals or talk with other family members about their favorite or funny memories of the deceased. This will help you develop a better-rounded image of the person you plan to write about. That way you are not only considering your side of the story. Scrapbooks can also be helpful for creating stories about a loved one.

Create a Tone for Your Speech

One you have your stories and recollections, you will need to decide on the tone of your speech. While some memorials are funny or humorous, others are quite serious or solemn. You can decide for something in the middle, or create something abstract, like a video presentation or collection of poems. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stick with it.

Create Your Draft

Work on a draft of your memorial. Make sure it is not too long. You donít want to put people to sleep. Highlight important events that tell a story of the life of the person you plan to memorialize. This should characterize the person you plan to speak about in a positive way. You can read a poem, show pictures, highlight a scrapbook, or simply tell a story about the person you want to speak about. Whatever you do, make it poignant, and brief. The details that you use should be enough to provide a vivid image of who the person you plan to speak about was, enough so that a stranger would get a good image of the person you plan to speak about.

  • Opening Ė the opening can include an introduction to the person, including a quote, or short poem that highlights some feature of the personís life, or introduces your relationship with the person.
  • Body Ė in the body, expand on the personís life. Provide them with some ďmeatĒ that highlights the personís achievements. Help people understand why that person is important, and how that personís life impacted others. What did that person do? Did they raise a family? Did they conduct research? Were they active in their community? Did they bring joy to others?
  • Close Ė in the end, tell why that person will be missed. You may include another quote or poem, or some scripture here. Be sure to acknowledge friends and family, and offer condolences to all in attendance.

Donít forget to practice your memorial before actually giving it. This will help calm your nerves, and ensure that you are ready for the big day when it arrives.

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