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Public speaking does not come easy, but delivering an eulogy you have written may be the most difficult task you have taken upon yourself to do. Regardless if the eulogy is about a loved one, a co-worker, a friend, while you are grieving the last thing you desire to do is stand up in front of a group of people you may or may not know and bare your soul, emotions and your grief. To do all this, while being coherent enough to express how deeply departed one has touched your soul and doing justice to his or her memory is a difficult task indeed. Whether you decide to deliver a serious speech or to concentrate on more humorous anecdotes, write down some notes to help you remember. In trying times it can be a struggle to keep your composure, however making notes will help you focus.

Also while it would be possible to go on for hours how this particular person touched your life, it is advisable to keep it relatively short so that the message you are trying to convey is clear, precise and sticks in the mind of listeners.

Even if you do not suffer from public speaking nerves, it would be a good idea to practice giving your eulogy in front of a family member or a friend. In case that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, practice in front of a mirror. And if you feel that the grief may overtake you, ask a friend or a family member to stand in and read your eulogy. Just having someone else on the stand by will put your mind at ease.

Lastly, do not forget to breathe and just be yourself. Yes, it is difficult to say good-bye, to let go of a loved one, however you have an unlimited source of strength inside you to call upon. While eulogy is about your memories and your perception of the deceased keep in mind that eulogy is a tribute to the person who has passed on. And if all of your practice fails and you cry, that is alright too.

Remember even if it is a sea of strangers in front of you, not one person will judge you for it. If it helps, concentrate on one person in the audience that you know and love and speak to them. Take a moment, compose yourself and continue with the speech. It is a tribute, do it justice.

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