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Emotionally bewildering. That is how we would feel while writing our own eulogy. It may seem very challenging and baffling to recall things and flashback. It would help you know more about yourself and your life. The people who have loved and cared for you and those you never cared about. Some may find it very annoying and confronting to write their own eulogy, but just think of how helpful it is to improve your existence.

Explore yourself, your psychological understandings and personal development in imaginative writing. Dying should not be feared. Before starting to write your own eulogy think about how you look at dying and how you face the reality that it will happen. And what if today should be your last day? It is suggested that before you write your eulogy, you should have a solemn, peaceful and quiet place for writing. Meditation rooms, cemeteries, or churches are all good locations for your own eulogy writing.

Since a eulogy is the speech given during a funeral for the person who passed away, honorary speeches are given for the deceased to remember their existence and recall his or her deeds. It may sound morbid, yet this will help your family know the exact mood you want during your own death and funeral.

Start by making an outline for your own eulogy writing. There is a lot to decide before starting to write your eulogy.

First, determine if you want your eulogy to be written in the first person or third person. Using either “I” or “your name” will give you the right tone to continue your writing.

Second, determine what you want to say in your funeral speech. Should it be a farewell speech, a preaching speech or just to recall your life.

Third, determine which points you want to emphasize in your eulogy. Is it your hardships, your triumphs or just how your childhood was?

Fourth, determine which part of your life becomes a blooper. Those funny moments could lighten the mood at your funeral.

Fifth, decide if you want to use a computer or just handwrite it. This may sound pretty simple yet it will give your family and friends better comprehension when reading your eulogy.

Sixth, this is not a decision to make. Be sure to make your eulogy optimistic. Being positive will give your family and friends a lighter load at your passing. Remember that your death is sensitive to them.

Watch John Cleese laments his own passing:

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