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Writing a eulogy for a person that has been like a family to you has never been easy. But sharing what you feel could help you ease your burden. You can use your grief to capture the emotion that you really feel. And you’ll be able to share it with other people who, like you, are also grieving a loss. Writing for a person close to you might have some of its advantages also. You’ll be able to share what your friend really was in a new light.

Gathering some information about your dear friend would help you make a good eulogy. Share all your friend’s achievement is also a good start. Making your speech as personal as possible could also help you make your ideas flow. You could start with sharing when and where did you become friends and why did you remain as friends. Maybe you can add something that you always talk about or things that she’d always want to do but never got the chance. Describe some scenario that would depict your friend’s character. Share all the hardships you had faced just to get where you are right now.

Having a theme for your eulogy is also important. That way you can take control on how you’ll set things. Say something that you would miss for your friend. Or anything that would feel incomplete now that she’s gone. Say something about her mannerism, her special traits. Share also things that your friend was able to impart in you. How your friend had inspired you.

Describe your friend as what she is to you. Also share if possible things that you do which her family is not aware of. If you have to include some negative traits of your friend write it in a way which makes it less of a bad thing. As much as possible share all the traits that made you like your friend.

Always end your speech with hope and joy that wherever your friend is you’re sure that she is eternally happy. You could also use quotes like “Let’s not remember the way she died but remember the way she’d lived” or “Everything happens for a reason though we may not know it now eventually everything will become clear to us”. You can also tell the family that you also share with their sadness and are willing to help in everyway.

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