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Our grandparents are some of the best people in the world. Well at least mine are! They always bring gifts every time they visit and they can scold our parents. I was very close to my grandmother. You could say I am her favorite grandchild. And when we lost her I was the one who was most affected by it. Maybe that’s one reason my mother chose me to write the eulogy for her. This is what I used as a guide to write the eulogy for my grandmother.

First share all her mannerisms and some traits that you really remember her by. I shared about how my grandma loved to cook and how I liked to help her. That was our time together. I would help her in preparing the ingredients and then she would teach me what went first. You could also talk about things that made her unique from others. Like how my grandma used to smoke her tobacco inside out. She tended to put the lit end of her tobacco inside her mouth without burning her tongue. You can also share things that your grandmother had influence on. Talk about the things that you’ll remember her for most, things that you’ll miss her help with now that she’s gone.

Then you can talk about things that make her special to you and all her friends. Talk about things that her friends will definitely miss about her. And share the things that you can’t have anymore now that she’s gone. Share all your special moments together and say something about her friends also, how they have touched your life and inspired you to do things which made you who you are today. Talk about all the good things your granny did for your family. Tell how strong she was and how wise she was when you talked to her. Share how generous she was with everybody; say how helpful and sweet she was. Tell the people how you want your granny to be remembered.

After writing the eulogy I felt a little relieved. Giving a eulogy that is personal will make you remember things that you and your lost loved one shared. All the fun things you did when she was still with you. And keeping that memory will help you get through your pain.

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