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Eulogy Speeches, Examples-spacerHow to Write a Eulogy for a Sister

Your sister may be one of the closest people in the world to you. Writing a eulogy can be a very personal and intensely intimate experience. You may not have a clue where to begin. The best place to begin is to simply begin by writing. You donít have to write a eulogy in any particularly way, except from the heart.

That said, there are some strategies you can adopt to make your eulogy memorable to the people that you are addressing. You certainly want to honor your sister and her life, when speaking of her. Preparing for a eulogy can help you do this in the best way possible.

The Eulogy Opening

Most eulogies begin with an opening. You can open your eulogy in many different ways. Some open with an anecdote or reference to their loved ones favorite joke, or a reference to a story that truly characterizes their family memberís personality. If you can remember a favorite pastime that you and your sister shared, or a particularly memorable experience, like a trip that you and your sister shared together, the opening is the perfect spot to place this in. The more personalized you can make the eulogy, the better your eulogy will be and the more that your audience will relate to the content.

The Middle of Your Eulogy

The middle part of the eulogy will contain a little bit of information about the character and life of your sister. Here you can share some information about your sisterís life ambition, her family, her goals and her achievements during her lifetime. Often it is here that individuals may share information about other family members, including children if your sister has children, or major accomplishments.

The Eulogy Ending

During the ending, you can choose to incorporate a poem, or a scripture that helps provide the family and loved ones with closure about your sister. It may be one that you wrote, or one that your sister wrote or was her personal favorite during her lifetime. Sometimes a family member chooses to show videos of the deceased during this time, or play a song and allow the audience time for personal reflection during the ending of the eulogy.

You may also want to offer your thanks to the family and loved ones for attending. Some other ideas may include inviting those in attendance to pray together, or to sing with one another. This may be a good idea if there is a favorite hymn or song that your sister cherished.

Remember that a eulogy does not always have to be a solemn event. If your sister was a happy and life-filled person, and would have encouraged laughter during her funeral, then you might invite participants to get up and dance, or try a song that will inspire laughter. Some people are very fond of inviting laughter and humor into their funeral services. Remember that each eulogy is very different, and should be tailored to the individual that you are speaking about.

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