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Writing a eulogy is not an easy task, there are things to consider in writing one. Here are some ideas that will help you compose that perfect eulogy that departed love one really deserves.

1. Write your eulogy knowing that the whole speech would only take three to ten minutes.

2. Try to write a eulogy that would be both inspiring and uplifting.

3. Praise and honor the deceased person in a loving and an honest manner.

4. When writing a eulogy please avoid putting statements that would paint a negative picture of the deceased.

5. Write a eulogy that have a strong structure, you may start with thinking a particular theme, or focus on one shining achievement of the deceased and write your eulogy in a chronological order.

6. When writing a eulogy itís a great idea to include stories that will bring the deceased person to life, includes memorable and personal memories shared with the deceased.

7. Write a detailed recollection of the deceased person's life as told by the person's closest friends and relatives, include some standout memories and highlights.

8. When writing a eulogy make it possible to include quotations, poems and even bible readings. This will add to a more somber effect.

9. Cap off your eulogy by writing a thoughtful and endearing ending.

10. Do not write the same words multiple times. You may use the same word, adjectives to describe the deceased maybe once or twice but not more than that. Doing so, the eulogy will not become repetitive to the ears of the listeners.

Other eulogy ideas include writing a humor laden theme. This kind of eulogy usually talks about the funny moments in the deceased person's life. It will provide a lighter side to the somber atmosphere that surrounds the funeral.

Remember that writing a eulogy from the heart and having the purpose of celebrating the memory of the deceased person is vital to composing a perfect eulogy.

Include the entire best thing that you remember about the person's life, what he had done that made a lot of people happy, what makes you proud to have known such a man. In the end the eulogy that you will write will be the summary of how every surviving love ones would remember the departed person.

The idea for writing a eulogy is to keep it honest and focus on the deceased person's life and make the whole eulogy speech as the best honor you can bestow to celebrate your beloved departed.  

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